Welcome to the site

Welcome to my new website.

For the three of you reading this page that aren’t family members or Russian bots, my name is Paul Thomas. I’m a former sports writer now working in sports apparel in my hometown of Jacksonville Fla. with the occasional freelance gig here and there to keep the writing muscles alive and well.

I started my career during college at Florida State covering athletics for a variety of publications including The Osceola, the Tallahassee Democrat and the Miami Herald. After graduating I stuck around for two more years as the FSU beat writer for Warchant.com on the Rivals.com network.

After that it was off to Atlanta, where I held a few odd jobs here and there (including working with NBA League Pass for Turner Sports) before landing with the Gwinnett Daily Post as a staff writer and page designer in the sports department.

Three years later the beaches called my wife and I home. I was fortunate enough to land a job with Fanatics and she opened up her own Law Practice at the beaches.

I created this website because it turns out co-managing my dog’s Instagram account with my wife wasn’t quite the creative outlet I wanted. So this space will not only give me the chance to share my latest professional work, but also allow me somewhere to plop down my random thoughts.

Expect the posts to range from fears about the Jaguars depth chart to where to get the best barbecue. I can also guarantee there will be some discussion of America’s greatest reality television series, “The Challenge” on MTV.

I hope you enjoy the site and will subscribe down below (I feel like a Youtuber!) as I look to grow the site over the next few months.

As always, thanks for reading.

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